OMG Level 37 – Mewtwo IV100. All Gens, Bestial Stardust, Candies & Pokemon

410,00$ 150,00$

Data taken from real account in sale. You can show a full Details of Account bellow in Description.

Incredible account with tons of candies and pokemon pending to evolve. Super easy to level up to 38 with all resources.

200 PokeCoins

15 Lucky Eggs

10 Premium Raid Pass

Pokemon Bag update to 1050/Object Bag update to 1000.

Incredible number of candies!! (See detail bellow)

When you see this account, the only words you can say will be …OMG!

He has.

Tons of Rares & Ultrarares with Incredibles CP, Level and IVs . Full video with details  bellow in Product Description.


4 Legendary:s
1 Mewtwo IV100
2 Mewtwo 
8 Giratina

Incredible number of candies:
Tyranitar + 360
Dragonite + 2400
Snorlax + 1900
Eevee + 1700
Lapras + 350
Charozard + 420

… LOT of rares, ultrajares & IV100 pokemons 

… more than 750 Pokémon in the bag

… some with +3400CP & hight IV

… much with +3000CP & hight IV

… a lot with +2000CP & hight IV

… a lot with +3000 CP after update


… lot of candies


Up to 1.710.000 Stardust

+ 225 Random items (Pokeballs, Special Evo Items, Incense, Candies e.t.c)

Up to 360 Pokemon in the Pokedex

Team: Mystic

Of course

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Real account Data.

You can show a full Details of Account bellow in Description.

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