Omastar Legacy Accounts

Omastar Legacy, is undoubtedly the most coveted and exclusive of all Pokemon Legacy as well disappeared in all its forms in February 2017.

We have selected for you a collection of accounts with which you can obtain your Omastar Legacy, either by trading with your favorite account or by using the account directly.

All accounts we offer have capture date of Omastar Legacy during 2016, which will increase the chances of getting it as Lucky Pokemon.

1// Omastar Charged Legacy & 8 Lucky Pokemon Guaranteed Account :

Level: 30
Team: No Team
Start Date: 8/29/2016
Stardust: 669.000
Name: Changeable
Password: Changeable
Email: Not Changeable

Legacy Pokemons:
Omastar – Mud Shot/Rock Slide (Legacy Charged) – Captured Date 09/2016 (High chances of transferring as Lucky)

100% Lucky Pokemons Guaranteed on trade:

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Omastar Legacy Charged

Lucky 100% guaranteed pokemons


All legacy pokemon of this account were captured in 2016, this increases the possibility of its transformation as Lucky pokemons when making trade

Extremely strange accounts, there are hardly any units in the entire market

Lucky pokemons are pokemon that result when being exchanged between 2 coaches and that have a series of special features such as:
– Minimum IV + 70%
– Powering cost of 50% over normal
– Collectibles

The chances of getting one are really low but,  can you imagine getting 10 for your main account? 100% Guaranteed

This can be done since Niantic has established that all pokemon captured between July and August 2016 when exchanged between coaches will be transformed 100% into a pokemon of luck, provided that the following characteristic is fulfilled:
– One of the two coaches must have less than 10 exchanges.

As these accounts do not have any exchange, these accounts guarantee 100% a minimum of 10 lucky pokemons.

This account has a good number of candies, but except for the Legacy and Lucky pokemons it does not have special features that stand out.
However due to your stardust, candy and the pokmeon you have, if you decide to transfer the pokemon to another account, this can be a good start account.

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I understand what the content of the account is. The account meets the requirements for the purchase.

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