Lucky Pokemon Mule Account- Level 30

80,00$ 41,00$


Extremely strange accounts, there are hardly any units in the entire market

Lucky pokemons are pokemon that result when being exchanged between 2 coaches and that have a series of special features such as:
– Minimum IV + 70%
– Powering cost of 50% over normal
– Collectibles

The chances of getting one are really low but,  can you imagine getting 10 for your main account? 100% Guaranteed

This can be done since Niantic has established that all pokemon captured between July and August 2016 when exchanged between coaches will be transformed 100% into a pokemon of luck, provided that the following characteristic is fulfilled:
– One of the two coaches must have less than 10 exchanges.

As these accounts do not have any exchange, these accounts guarantee 100% a minimum of 10 lucky pokemons.


The accounts have been reviewed one by one to check that there is no slash pokemon

In addition, all accounts have more than 500,000 stardust, and a lot of candy, you can use this account in addition to as a mule to create a new exceptional account.

You can show a full Details and videos of Account bellow.

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Product Description

Video detail of mule account +80 pokemon August 2016 no slash

Video detail of recipient account

Detail of some of the pokemon dated August 2016, contained in the account

Sample account but really similar all accounts

Data taken from an example account, there may be small variations between accounts.