Gengar Shadow Claw Accounts

Gengar Legacy with Shadow Claw, is undoubtedly the most coveted and exclusive of all Pokemon Legacy as well as being amazing as an attacker is a very strange collector’s item.

We have selected for you a collection of accounts with which you can obtain your Gengar Legacy Shadow Claw, either by trading with your favorite account or by using the account directly.

The vast majority of the accounts we offer you have capture date of Gengar Legacy Shadow Claw during 2016, which will increase the chances of getting it as Lucky Pokemon.


Gengar Shadow Claw Account

Level: 32
Team: no team
Start Date: 09/06/2016
Stardust: +878.000
Name: Changeable
Password: Changeable
Email: NO Changeable

Legacy Gengar:
1 x Gengar – Shadow Claw  FULL CP

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Almost every legacy pokemon of those accounts were captured in 2016, this increases the possibility of its transformation as Lucky pokemons when making trade

More Info:

The account is of great quality and a med number of  balanced candies.(Dratini + 350, Eevee +700, Gyarados + 4000….)
The account is exceptional either for the exchange of the Legacy or as a primary account of great quality.

Obtain your account instantly.
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By purchasing this account you accept the following warranty agreement:

I understand what the content of the account is. The account meets the requirements for the purchase.

Price: 43$(SOLD)


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